Create a game show about AI with an artist and researcher! | Jennifer Edmond and Laura Allcorn


  • 13 May
  • 2pm - 4pm
  • 18+
  • Free

Has your computer or phone ever made you say something funny in an email or a text message?

We're making a game show for the AI era called Who Wants To Write An Email? It will be staged similarly to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Contestants from the audience will take the hot seat to answer trivia questions about AI that can generate text based on a prompt. They'll use their lifelines and try their best to think like an algorithm to win hilarious prizes!

We need your help to develop the show ahead of the autumn premiere! This is an interactive session. You just need to be 18+, curious about AI, and up for chatting about the weird things AI makes us say.

Join us at the workshop and you'll get to:

  • Learn about AI and predictive text applications like Chat GPT.
  • Share if/how you use predictive text applications when writing.
  • Test game show questions.
  • Play a contestant to help our host practice.
  • Discuss what you want from this AI technology in the future.

We can offer attendees a One4All voucher that should cover your travel.

This project is funded by a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme grant.

About The Researcher + Artist

Jennifer Edmond (Funded Investigator at ADAPT Research Centre) and Laura Allcorn (Artist and founder of the Institute For Comedic Inquiry) are collaborating on this art/science project. This is our second art-science collaboration. Our first, SKU-Market, was part of Science Gallery Dublin's BIAS: Built This Way exhibition in 2021-22. This project continues our aim to engage the public in critical thinking and debate on how AI shapes us in our everyday lives and society at large.