Virtual Reality Experience with DEEP VR | The Soft Space

Family Events

  • 22 Sep
  • 8:30pm - 10pm
  • All Welcome
  • Free

This unique experience utilises cutting-edge technology to guide participants through a virtual reality experience designed specifically to create calm and relieve anxiety.

Each session is 15 minutes long.


Deep is a meditative virtual reality experience that allows players to navigate through a serene and poetic underwater world. Movement is controlled by slow, deep breathing which soothes and relieves anxiety in the player. It uses a self-explorative, visually stunning underwater seascape and biofeedback mechanics.


Since 2016 our research partners at the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab, Radboud University have conducted several studies demonstrating the efficacy of DEEP as an intervention tool for people with anxiety.

Research is now being expanded to explore how DEEP can support patients with PTSD, COPD, and long COVID.

The Soft Space is Commissioned by South Dublin County Council (SDCC) and curated and produced by SDCC and NOISE Music with SoFFt Productions. This event is funded by SDCC and The Arts Council of Ireland.