The Sacred and the Profane: Women, Art, and Nature | A lecture by Tara Londi

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  • 12 Mar
  • 4pm - 5:30pm
  • All Welcome

Tara Londi is an Italian–Irish writer, art historian, and independent curator. Since graduating from the Goldsmiths University of London, Tara has curated art exhibitions, private art collections, and cultural programs.

How do we distinguish between the sacred, and the profane, in both space and time, and how do we transmit this knowledge? Finally, is « the medium, the message »? Art organizes the values society lives by, but holds in itself, the potential power of evading the constraints of language and culture.

Drawing upon women's history, contemporary art and eco-feminist theories, curator and writer Tara Londi will present a lecture to link Rachel Fallon and Alice Maher "The Map’ to the upcoming solo exhibition by Jesse Jones ‘The Tower’ Londi explore how humans transitioned from being part of a cosmic world to being part of history.