Unloved Workshop with Franko B


  • 10 Oct - 12 Oct 2019
  • All day


Artist and curator Franko B delivered this energetic and dynamic workshop. Over the three days, participants went through various exercises that offered an insight into Franko's practice.

Franko B's practice spans drawing, installation, performance and sculpture. Over the years he has built up a diverse and sizable body of work and has gained international acclaim for his contribution to contemporary art.

Franko B

Born (1960) in Milan, Italy. Franko B moved to London in 1979, integrating himself into the anarcho-punk scene. He began performing in nightclubs and, by way of his blood performances, was later responsible for bringing subversive body art into the leading art institutions on an international scale. A pioneering artist, Franko B uses his body as a tool to explore the themes of the personal, poetic, resistance, suffering and the reminder of our own morality, his work responds to contemporary politics through the lens of the vulnerable individual. His practice spans drawing, installation, performance, sculpture, curating, teaching, mentoring and DJing.

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