MEMENTEROS | Carl Abrahamsson & Vanessa Sinclair

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  • 10 Aug
  • 2pm - 3:30pm


Performance by Carl Abrahamsson & Vanessa Sinclair

Vanessa Sinclair (US) and Carl Abrahamsson (SE) work with textual cut-ups, which are recorded and set to music. The musical pieces are then assembled in sequence (as an "album"), which is then the basis or groundwork for a film. Their latest film is called "Mementeros", and touches upon the mysteries of the flesh in union and separation. Their performance included the film, plus added levels of improvised music and poetry.

"The flesh is an emotion in itself. Our flesh is divided as we move along; dissociated from the humble origins. Blotted out; looking for freedom in friction. This is beyond good and evil, and asexuality is also a sexuality for all we know. Each piece of flesh is a colour, a destiny, an enlargement of the first view – the one we hunt for the rest of our lives; even beyond capacity and function. Sweet life of death – incentive of all incentives. (...)"

Dr. Vanessa Sinclair is currently authoring "Scansion in Psychoanalysis and Art: the Cut in Creation" forthcoming from Routledge (2020). Dr. Sinclair is a founding member of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis and facilitates psychoanalytic events and conferences internationally.

Carl Abrahamsson is a writer and lecturer specialising in arts & entertainment, esoteric history and occulture. He also works with filmmaking, publishing, photography and music and has his own publishing and productions companies, as well as a digital music label. He's the author of Occulture. The Unseen Forces that Drive Culture Forward, 2018.

This event was organised by Rua Red and a/political and accompanied the exhibition by Kendell Geers "The Second Coming: Do What Thou Wilt".