Collaborative Art Project with The Autistic Art Club | The Soft Space

Family Events

  • 22 Sep
  • 5pm - 6pm
  • All Welcome
  • Free

This workshop will use collages and paints on paper for participants to design their dream safe space. The workshop will be led by Zoe McCormack from the Autistic Art Club in The Soft Space.

The Autistic Art Club is a space for autistic people of all ages to come together and create art among other autistic people. It was started by artist Zoe McCormack in 2020 after receiving her own autism diagnosis at age 27, realised there weren't many social outlets to meet other neurodivergent people. We are neuro-affirming which means that we don't think neurodivergent people need to change to be accepted. We encourage everyone who comes to our groups to move, communicate, and make art in the way that feels most comfortable for them.

The Soft Space and Vanishing Point is Commissioned by South Dublin County Council (SDCC) and curated and produced by SDCC and NOISE Music with SoFFt Productions. This event is funded by SDCC and The Arts Council of Ireland.