Fiona Whelan

Fiona Whelan is an artist, writer, and educator. Her arts practice is committed to exploring and responding to systemic power relations and inequalities through long-term cross-sectoral collaborations with diverse individuals, groups and organisations.

These processes are rooted in complex relational networks and typically accumulate over time through a series of public manifestations, including text-based, visual, performative and dialogical artworks. Taking direction from the collaborative process and the lived experiences of those involved, to date these works have been gallery-based, presented in public space and staged in local, community-based sites with specific invited publics. Common to all work is an interrogation of multiple power relations that are identified through the process, such as the power relations between police and young people; the state-run medical services and patients; national housing policy and those experiencing housing injustice; as well as less tangible power relations experienced as social norms related to class and gender, such as the formation of masculinity for young men and boys.

In addition, Fiona is also a committed writer, her writing focusing on the complex relationality, labour and ethical challenges of her arts practice. Fiona also teaches part-time in the School of Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design.

Main Image: What Does He Need?, Fiona Whelan, Brokentalkers and Rialto Youth Project, The LAB, 2020