Karen Aguiar | Current

Dance Artist in Residence | 2022 - 2023

Karen Aguiar is a migrant woman, journalist & socially engaged artist believing in the transformative power of dance to unite people and nurture a collective space to build power from and of the people. Karen is the Creative Director of Go Dance For Change and envisions it as a space for meaningful integration and collective action.

Starting in 2018, Go Dance For Change is a cross-cultural collaborative platform that produces social spaces using dance as their primary tool to connect people through a variety of immersive and engaging dance-related activities such as programmes, workshops, parades, performances and events sharing culture, promoting health and integration through dance. Go Dance For Change places a strong emphasis on well-being, community building and female empowerment with the aim to highlight diverse cultures and their people in the hopes of decolonising the narratives within the dance scene in Ireland.