Phoenix Collective at Rua Red

15th May 2024

Phoenix Collective are a group of artists from Ukraine who currently reside in Tallaght Cross Hotel. The group was formed in 2023 during workshops at Rua Red, facilitated by Array Collective in partnership with the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

Newly formed and eager to create art and learn from each other, Phoenix Collective have continued working together as a community.

During the run of Rua Red’s exhibition, A Good Night’s Sleep by Morag Myerscough, the collective made great use of the open studio that acted as an extension of the gallery space, hosting art-making sessions and peer-to-peer learning workshops. As a group, Phoenix Collective have studied watercolour painting, decoupage techniques, paper weaving, and much more!

Phoenix Collective have continued to meet and make art together in the Project Space on Thursday evenings. They are currently working towards an exhibition in Rua Red café, which will run during the month of July.