2024 Programme Announcement

14th February 2024

This year’s programme at Rua Red will look at the obstacles and rules that create or prevent social and cultural connection, and a sense of belonging to a place or community.

Artists will explore themes such as displacement, social exclusion, addiction, hostility, global politics, and geopolitics and highlight the personal stories of displacement and belonging of the people of South Dublin County and beyond. The artists will engage with the communities here through a series of exhibitions and events based around personal stories of ‘Belonging and Displacement’.

Rua Red is located in one of the most culturally rich and diverse counties in Ireland; according to the latest census data there are 301,075 people residing in the South Dublin County area. Over 60 languages are spoken, and 93 nationalities have made South Dublin County their home with over 20% of the population born outside of Ireland.

The gallery programme will feature new work by international and Irish artists throughout 2024 including Morag Myerscough, Marianne Keating, David Brognon and Stephanie Rollin, and Seiko Hayase. In addition to this Rua Red will host an exhibition of work by people in custody curated by artist Eddie Cahill from the 15 prisons on the island of Ireland.

In November 2023 Rua Red were awarded the late-night pilot scheme fund by the Arts Council of Ireland enabling a series of late-night music and art events ‘Spectrum’ to Rua Red’s Gallery 1 in collaboration with Noise Music and SoFFt productions. The series showcases the vibrant spectrum of electronic music and visual arts in Ireland as an all-new component of Rua Red Gallery’s existing visual arts programme. Following the success of the inaugural event in November 2023, the highly anticipated second instalment of the three-part series is set to take place March 9th, with the final instalment earmarked for May 2024.

Several residencies provide opportunities for artists to develop their practice and fully engage with the community here. 2024 will see the conclusion of Karen Aguiar’s 12-month dance residency; the launch of a new Traveller led multidisciplinary creative residency; a YPCE residency with artist John Conway; and a visual art residency with Array Collective.

We are very excited to announce that the second annual Rua Red performance art festival in August following a very successful inaugural festival curated by Pauline Cummins and Lauren Kelly. And this December the annual Winter Open Exhibition is back, alongside a solo show by artist Seiko Hayase.

There is an exciting year ahead! Watch this space!

Programme Highlights

A Good Night’s Sleep - Morag Myerscough with our Community

01.12.23 – 02.03.24

A Good Night’s Sleep is a bold, colourful, immersive intervention created by artist Morag Myerscough with the community of Rua Red. Morag creates installations and immersive spatial artworks that transform places and champion community and public interaction. She often works with community groups to develop ideas that reflect the identity of the users, drawing on shared cultural history and heritage of the local area.

Rua Red commissioned Morag to work with the Irish Refugee Council’s Youth Service, DoubleTake Studio, New Horizon HUB, and the Tallaght Ukrainian community to explore the multifaceted theme of ‘belonging’. Over 10 months the participants shared their hopes and dreams, fears, and struggles through a series of intensive workshops led by the artist. The groups connected using the power of colour, word, and sound to express themselves. Weaving together the diverse journeys and perspectives of all involved, Morag has designed a series of built enclosures that represent a safe, secure, and warm space that forms the basis for A Good Night’s Sleep.

Alternative Ways of Seeing curated by Eddie Cahill

19.03.24 – 27.04.24

This is the first exhibition of artwork by people-in-custody since the pandemic, curated by artist Eddie Cahill, a former prisoner, and an inspirational figure in the world of prison arts. The work was made in classrooms and cells in fourteen prisons in the Republic, one prison in Northern Ireland and in post-release centres. Cahill visited prisons to meet prisoner artists, and his lived experience of incarceration and the therapeutic power of art to overcome trauma informs his selection. The exhibition reflects how the absorbing activity of making art changes lives, boosts self-esteem and improves attitudes, leading to a reduction in offending behaviour and reduced recidivism. Prisoners work independently, with teachers and with visiting artists, producing deeply symbolic drawings, fascinating landscapes, time consuming models, colourful and creative work in ceramics, fabrics, glass, typography, printmaking, leather, stone, metal and wood, and a highlight of the exhibition is a model made of bread.

TU Dublin Media Production and Digital Arts Degree Show

18.05.24 – 25.05.24

Rua Red work closely with TU Dublin, Tallaght to address the gap that exists between third level art education and the realities of professional practice. In the months that lead up to the exhibitions the students gain professional insight and skills into marketing and communication, curation of the work, technical install, and creation of educational events, talks and workshops that engage with their work.

Templates of Chance - Brognon Rollin

07.06.24 – 30.08.24

Stéphanie Rollin and David Brognon both live and work between Paris and Luxembourg and are described as “Explorers of the abyss”. Since 2006, the collaborative duo been observing those who exist on the fringes of society. They create modest monuments to people who have fallen by the wayside were addiction and melancholy exist side by side. Their work does not shout, it quietly unfolds. The point of collaboration with whom they with is trust. The artists are attentive to the minutiae of everyday life.

Brognon Rollin have started a process of conversations with community leaders in the county who work within addiction services. They aim to work closely within and alongside the five centres in Tallaght specifically to create a token featuring missing symbols in the recovery from addiction process

An Ciúnas / The Silence - Marianne Keating

13.09.24 – 10.11.24

Marianne Keating is an Irish, London-based artist whose practice explores the largely overlooked histories of the Irish diaspora in the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica, and the enduring legacies of British imperialism. An Ciúnas / The Silence is a three-channel film installation that traces multiple trajectories of migration from Ireland to Jamaica and Britain before the Great Famine of 1845-52 to the present day. The film considers the complex intersecting impact of that process on contemporary Jamaican politics and the relationship between Ireland and England since Irish independence. The work re-examines these narratives through the lenses of Irish and Jamaican anti-colonial ties.

Marianne Keating’s An Ciúnas / The Silence was initially presented by The Showroom, London, in 2023-24. The Irish tour of the work is initiated and organised by SIRIUS, Cobh, County Cork. The production of An Ciúnas / The Silence and its Irish tour are supported by The Arts Council.

Winter Open and Seiko Hayase

23.11.24 - 22.12.24

Winter Open is Rua Red's annual exhibition of fine and applied arts. This open submission exhibition is an opportunity for graduates, emerging and established artists in Ireland (including the North of Ireland) to exhibit their work in Gallery 1. The overall winner of the Rua Red Art Prize will be awarded a solo show in Gallery 2 over the ensuing 12-month period. Rua Red has a policy of supporting artists at all stages of their career. Each year Rua Red select works from the Winter Open to form a collection for the organisation. The works will go on show within the building on a rotational basis in the communal areas. The artist awarded by the judges panel to have a solo exhibition in 2024 was Seiko Hayase.