Rua Red looking for a new member to join our Board of Directors!

13th November 2023

Rua Red South Dublin Arts Centre is actively looking for a new member to join our dynamic Board of Directors.

We are actively seeking someone to be Treasurer to the Rua Red Board of Directors who has experience in financial management, budgets, accounting, bookkeeping and SORP, preferably within the not-for-profit or arts sector.

At Rua Red we are committed to the belief that the arts give us a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in; that the arts can empower, create space for discussion and can bring effective change.

About and Purpose
Rua Red is a contemporary art space housing two galleries, a theatre/cinema, a dance studio, a conference room, a digital media suite, recording facilities, music rooms, workshop areas, artist’s studios, office space and a café.

Rua Red exhibit the work of established Irish and International artists who are committed to producing work within a socio-political framework. Our programme reflects the organisations interests in people, place and politics through a challenging lineup of events, workshops, screenings and performances that allow audiences and visitors to engage with each of our exhibitions. Rua Red is a neutral space, a place where important and often difficult discussions are enabled and can take place, where people are listened to, respected and treated equally.

Rua Red supports artists at every stage of their career, through our school programmes, partnerships with third-level colleges, our subsidised studio spaces and exhibition programmes. In addition to Rua Red’s programme the organisation also houses and works alongside a number of independent creative organisations and individuals through the provision of office spaces.

‘Some’ of the big questions that we would like to address through our activities and programmes in 2023-4 are:

  • How do we create a space which is truly open, accessible and welcoming to all?
  • How can we be fully inclusive?
  • How can we make our space more welcoming, open and friendlier?
  • How do we ensure that what we deliver is relevant to our audiences?
  • How do we maintain and develop a space where essential, valuable and respectful conversations take place?
  • How can we platform voices and affect positive change and difference?

This is an unpaid position in a voluntary capacity as Rua Red South Dublin Arts Centre is a registered charity. The Board of Directors meet every six weeks.


Please submit a comprehensive CV or biography to, detailing how your previous or current experience would make you suitable for this role. Please include details of any service as a Board Director or Trustee.

Submission Deadline: Friday, 1 December 2023, 5pm