Sophie's Blog - First few weeks at Rua Red

23rd November 2020

Hello there, my name is Sophie and I am the intern at Rua Red. Let me introduce myself...

My internship in Rua Red, South Dublin Arts Centre
Hello there, my name is Sophie and I am taking part in an internship at Rua Red.

I am a 27 year old French woman from Strasbourg in Alsace.

Curious by nature I have studied a lot of different topics at university: humanities, literature, drama, heritage and architecture in the landscape. My master’s degree gave me the opportunity to write a research paper about the idea of landscape in theatre, which is still currently a burning question for me!

I have always had a keen interest in issues of democracy and I support the idea that art and culture is a way of emancipation and liberty. That’s why I decided, after my studies, to work in theatres (Chaillot -Théâtre national de la Danse and La Colline -Théâtre national, both in Paris) and then in Culture Bas-Saint-Laurent in Canada. These experiences confirmed my commitment to cultural projects!

I am delighted that Rua Red has given me opportunity to spend 6 months here in Dublin. I love that Rua Red engages with many art forms. I am so excited to be part of its team!

What is Erasmus+ ?
Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, sport in Europe. Erasmus+ program offers jobs seekers grants for 4 to 6 month internships in a country within the European Union.

My Joe Caslin introduction to Ireland (first two weeks in Rua Red)

Day one of my internship A large mural appears on the large wall of Rua Red's Gallery, towering over you as you arrive, you really can't miss it. Before I entered, I was happily notice this immense and strong woman depicted on the wall, making me feel more confident. It's was Joe Caslin new artwork: Reset.

Culture Night I attended the launch of Reset at Rua Red, under unusual circumstances of course due to Covid-19 restrictions. In a small and socially-distantgroup we watched the documentary Reset by Joe Caslin about the projects Resilient • Resilience and Reset. In this dark atmosphere of the Rua Red's theatre space, I discovered with the great interest how this project was created during lockdown with a group of nine young people from South Dublin. The pictures of the boats they created conveys the strengths and thoughts of the younger generations, who have the power to “reset” society. Hope. I was also impressed with how many artists were involed in the creation of the project : a deep dialogue about the idea of resilience between different kinds of art. This artistic debate about resilience attempts to exceed the temporary feature of Caslin’s work. Watch the documentary here.

My Joe Caslin journey through Dublin I wanted to take a trip to see all the Joe Caslins's murals around Dublin. So, on one of the most beautiful Indian summer days in late September I did my Caslin hunt. The Result was a lot of bare walls and closed doors, but it was an interesting adventure to discover the city centre all the same. Some of the most difficult issues taking place in modern Ireland are some of Caslin's favourite subjects to protray in his work. Namely; equality for minorities, mental health, addiction and the importance of volunteerism to change these issues. Interesting, isn’t it?

Write soon,

The Joe Caslin Mural Treasure Hunt