Virginie Tan Residency at Rua Red

12th September 2019

Virginie Tan will be on residency at Rua Red September 2019, as part of the European Connections in Digital Art Project.

Virginie Tan is an artist and designer from Paris, whose practice is heavily inspired by the triviality of the Internet. She is currently undertakingresearch around its gestural experience, between the technological sublime and the daze it puts us through.

Tan graduated from the MA Interaction Design Communication at University of the Arts London in 2017, while she previously majored in Graphic Communication. Thus, she is always adamant on using aesthetics as a strong component in her body of works.

During her residency at Rua Red, she aims to start a new piece — in which she imagines an audience “refreshing” her work through a physical mechanism, as they would refresh an app and its notifications.

European Connections in Digital