Land / Sea / Signal Design wins ICAD Award

2nd July 2019

Distinctive Repetition was commissioned by Rua Red and European Connections in Digital Art to produce the graphic identity and print media work for their annual exhibition.           

Land/Sea/Signal was shown in Ireland, France and Latvia, with artists from each of these countries contributing work to the exhibition, curated by Nora O’ Murchú.

Land/Sea/Signal explored the “network infrastructures and algorithmic software systems alongside today’s internet infrastructures and their complex adaptive systems which encompass data centers, software protocols, mineral mines and assembly line workers; connecting the flow of information beaming from satellites to the smartphones in our hands. By considering the complex entanglements between environmental and socio-political conditions that are involved in the configuration of infrastructure space, the artists in this exhibition sought to bring about a new understanding of infrastructure and its materialities. They connect to geography, protocols, economic markets and communication grids, building a discursive space of practice that aims to move beyond critical concerns of these issues to move toward the imagination and speculation of the potentialities of what infrastructure could be.”

"Our solution focused on a clear graphic system for the creation of the exhibition’s artwork. The design employed a dot matrix system of over 38,000 individually adjustable circles which were altered to create three individual compositions for the contributing countries’ exhibition material. Each composition was designed to reflect the three aspects of the exhibitions title, with the end result being compositions that abstractly represent the converging of land and sea using three distinct signals."

A1 poster(s) printed using 3 spot PMS colours one side on 100gsm Challenger offset.

Institute of Creative Advertising and Design

Distinctive Repetition