Travel Award: Call out for European Digital Artists and Cultural Workers

18th October 2017

We are delighted to announce the EUCIDA Travel Award Fund and to launch this call out for digital artists and cultural workers (registered on the EUCIDA platform) to take part in European Mobility visits.

Please apply by 30th November for the first round of Travel Awards.

EUCIDA is a Creative Europe funded project led by Rua Red, South Dublin Arts Centre Company (Ireland), in partnership with Espace multimedia gantner (France) and Rezeknes novada pasvaldiba (Latvia). It is an interactive and innovative community of digital artists and cultural workers connecting to imagine new ways of artistic mobility, to use technologies as means of sharing experience, creative practice and professional opportunities transnationally both for artists and new publics in reality and virtually. EUCIDA wants to make digital arts accessible to a non-arts audience, and bring a wider public debate on arts and technology through a programme of ambitious and unique experiences.

We are delighted to announce the EUCIDA Travel Award Fund and to launch this call out for digital artists and cultural workers (registered on the EUCIDA platform) to take part in 21 European Travel Awards from 2017 to 2019. EUCIDA supports transnational cooperation between eligible countries funded under the Creative Europe Programme (Including EUMS, EFTA, EEA, ENP and Swiss Confederation are eligible).

The Travel Award Fund supports the development of cultural diversity within new media/ digital arts by enabling artists and practitioners to travel, to show their works, exchange ideas and experiences and will award each successful applicant with a financial contribution of up to €500.

The EUCIDA Travel Awards Fund will consider:

  • Applicant is interested in working experiences (including training) in another EU country and wishes to find opportunities covering travel costs.
  • Applicant has been selected for a project in another EU country (collaboration project, residency, participation in an event like a festival etc.) but requires funding for transportation;
  • Applicant has developed a project with an transnational component and wishes to invite in another EU artist and/ or cultural professional for co-production, touring, market development;

To apply, each applicant must:

  • Be registered on the EUCIDA Project Platform
  • Live in an EU Member Country Programme (Including EUMS, EEA, ENP, and Swiss Confederation are eligible)
  • Submit C.V. showing experience and qualifications
  • Provide quality work samples/evidence of creative work
  • Include a Statement of Intent including:

N.B. You must provide copies of accommodation/transport tickets/supporting documentation asap during/after travel to prove that travel has occurred in line with the travel award outline and Creative Europe guidelines.

EUCIDA will not need a detailed budget to be pre-approved or submitted post-award. The award of €500 is final and this amount may/may not cover the entire cost of the successful applicant’s trip

Send above information to Anita Griffin, Project Manager ccing Maoliosa Boyle

The maximum financial contribution for a Travel Award is €500. Applicants seeking Travel Awards for all eligible opportunities must submit their application at least four weeks before their proposed date of travel.

The duration of the project must fall between September 2017 – June 2019.

Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate one or more of the three priorities of the EUCIDA Project – Transnational Mobility, Audience Development and/ or Capacity Building – Digitisation.