Suburban Cookie Collector

8 October - 24 November 2018

Michael Dignam

Gallery Two

8 October – 24 November 2018

What dynamics and social structures form in a constructed space? Does it shape who we are? Are we defined by that place?

To mark the end of his Creative Ireland bursary period, Michael Dignam will exhibit a video work: Suburban Cookie Collector. The video resulted from situations set up by the artist through a process of dialogue and collaboration with various individuals from Tallaght. It explores how Tallaght is constructed, depicted, both stigmatized and celebrated using a mixture of moving image, found footage, photography, and the sonic. The research-based work seeks to look at the conditions, events and histories of Tallaght in an expanded form focusing on a particular starting point from the past and its relationship to the present and the future. Exploring history and geographies, the work identifies physically, psychologically and culturally constructed separations and connections. The motivation for this research is Dignam’s own upbringing in Tallaght.

The work will comprise of a 20min long film scored by local producer Alan Keegan, a series of interviews with a number of locals recounting their upbringing in Tallaght, and an accompanying text by local writer Colm Reynor who will also present a creative writing workshop.

Screening Times

Tue 9 Oct: 7pm - 9pm

Wed 10 Oct: 2pm - 4pm

Thurs 11 Oct: 4pm - 6pm

Fri 12 Oct: 2pm - 4pm

Suburban Cookie Collector Catalogue