Killing Time

5 April - 6 April 2019

Cathy Coughlan and Vukasin Nedelikovic

Gallery One & Two

Killing Time

5 April - 6 April

A new work by Cathy Coughlan and Vukasin Nedeljkovic

Performed by Matt Szczerek and Michelle Cahill

What happens to the mind and body when WAITING becomes an instrument of torture? Drawing from Nedeljkovic’s experience of Direct Provision, this new work examines the psychological effects of institutionalisation, the historical structures that have housed systematic abuses within the Irish State and the bureaucracy behind an indefinite sentence of incarceration. In a continuation of themes explored through the dance residency around Men, Movement and Mental Health, Cathy Coughlan and Vukasin Nedeljkovic will present a Dance - Theatre Installation that places the audience and the centre of the work.

Optional audience participation. This show is not suitable for children.

Killing Time


Cathy Coughlan

Cathy Coughlan is a multidisciplinary artist working across film, theatre and dance contexts to create hybrid works for gallery and theatre spaces. This piece is the culmination of her third dance residency at Rua Red Arts Centre, supported by Arts Council Ireland and South Dublin County Council.

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Vukašin Nedeljković

Vukašin Nedeljković is a visual artist, an activist and a PhD Student at Dublin Institute of Technology. He initiated the multidisciplinary project, to collaborate with asylum seekers, artists, academics, civil society activists and immigration lawyers, amongst others, with a view to creating an interactive documentary cross-platform online resource, critically foregrounding accounts of exile,displacement, trauma and memory.

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