Glitch Digital Arts Festival 2017

2 May - 10 June 2017

Sedimentary Structures


Gallery One & Two

David Beattie, Livestock, Cliona Harmey, Robin Price, David Lunney, Richard Forrest, Cathy Coughlan and Cécile Babiole.

Curated by Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan of MART. Assistant Curator: Deirdre Morrissey

About Glitch Festival

Glitch Festival is celebrating its 6th year and has grown into Ireland’s foremost digital arts festival. We work to bring the best of digital arts practices to the fore. Glitch Festival brings leading media and technology artists, curators and artist groups together with audiences to draw out connections between art, culture and technology with the aim of fostering greater critical understanding and debate around artist’s interaction, investigation and intersection with technologies.  


Gallery 1 | Traces of the Live Event
2 – 11 May

Rua Red and create work within the context of the space. Artists David Beattie, Cliona Harmey, David Lunney, Richard Forrest and Robin Price are invited to create works that are interactive, reactionary, impulsive, divisive, explosive and political in creation leaving a significant and possibly mystifying residue of what took place. This will take place over two weeks of live, experimental and active making, during which the artists will be present in the space and the public are invited to engage, question and interact with artists and artworks.

Public Opening Times

2 May, 12 – 2: David Beattie
3 – 4 May, 12 – 2: Cliona Harmey
5 – 6 May, 12- 2: David Lunney
8 – 9 May, 12 – 2: Richard Forrest
10 – 11 May, 12 – 2: Robin Price

The layout and structure will be transient and temporary in nature, with artworks changing and evolving throughout the duration of the festival.

Performance Space | Livestock
2 – 11 May

Livestock performance artists are occupying the Performance space on a daily rotation as a research process in live/performance art and digital technology. The artists will be open to speak with the public about their work and approach while they develop a live performance piece.  


Traces of the Live Event | Gallery 1
Beattie, Babiole, Forrest, Harmey, Lunney, Price
13 May – 10 June

Opening 13 May, 3pm

The trace of an experience leaves a sediment or a resonating footprint in the space it occupied; the exhibition will form from the material traces of an onsite experimentation period in the gallery. Whether the resulting artwork is sculptural, audio, performance, film, whatever form it takes, the outcome is a materialization of an impermanent digital process of research and development.

Raster | David Beattie
Through the exchange of electrons, Raster, explores the interconnected relationships of various materials and elements contained within the work. The electrons transmitted by the cathode ray gun inside an analogue television, transfer to the glass and beyond through static electricity. The exchange of positive and negative charges will remain on an object that comes into contact with it until it is neutralised by electrostatic discharge. This discharge is often experienced as an electric shock when it flows through the human body. Raster explores how this flow of charge connects disparate materials and things displayed within the exhibition.

Range | Cliona Harmey
Weather satellites over Ireland move in and out of range and are receivable via antenna about twice a day when they come into range of the antenna’s line of sight. This piece focuses on live transmission from satellite NOAA 19 – the last of a generation of weather satellite which use a simple APT transmission as a method of broadcast signal. This is similar to a television signal, which was developed in 1960s and which is easily receivable by amateur enthusiasts using radio. The artist is experimenting with receivable live signals from the satellite to the gallery space to create an intersection of sculpture and object hacking.

Brew na Bóinne | David Lunney
Brew na Bóinne is a process driven multi-media installation work comprising sculpture, performance, painting, weaving, digital image manipulation and video/ animation. In this work the artist is seeking to create a new relationship between video and wall-based art. These two, mostly disparate, elements in contemporary art, will be brought together using a lengthy and novel process. Although this installation work includes many elements, the video piece created onsite during the process period will perhaps become the end product, the raisin d’être of the rest.

We Dream of Point Clouds | Richard Forrest
Following an interest in re-negotiating our interaction with the world around us, Richard is using the experimental period in the gallery to create a 3D virtual model of the Rua Red gallery space using a process called photogrammetry. By experimenting with our understanding of form, material and space a slightly otherworldly virtual environment will be created from physical fragments of the actual space.

Way Out | Robin Price
This work presents abstracted computer generated idealised landscapes and an open musical score responding in sympathy to meteorological or environmental sensor data and the movement of visitors in the gallery space. Examining the idea of the countryside as an escape from modern life, both in the recent past through raves and throughout history, the work points to a future where we may only escape digitally into virtual countryside’s.

Air Corridor in Gallery 1 | Cécile Baboile
13 May - 10 June

Air Corridor spotlights the air traffic that mostly goes unnoticed down here on the ground. This work detects and monitors aviation activity in the area above the gallery space. A video screen displays each detected flight number, altitude, speed, longitude and latitude for passing airliners. The sounds of airplanes blast directly into the gallery, hijacking the overhead planes, as it were, out of the surrounding air space and disrupting the art space.

This installation by one of Frances leading contemporary digital artists has been curated by EUCIDA partner, Valerie Perrin,. It is brought to glitch in partnership with the French Embassy in Ireland and marks the long-standing support that the embassy has been to Rua Red and the development of the EUCIDA project since its inception.

Remotely Human in Gallery 2 | Cathy Coughlan
13 May - 23 May
How do we establish connectedness in a ‘post truth’ environment?; An interactive installation exploring the screen as a third party in a relationship between two people: the remote human and its flesh and blood counterpart; or between the public and private self, the piece looks at ways of breaking down this vast digital space, by situating the audience at the centre of the work.

ITT Creative Digital Media Degree Exhibition
Gallery 2 | 27 May - 10 June
Final year students from the Creative Digital Media BA (Hons) degree programme at the Institute of Technology Tallaght are exhibiting work in a variety of disciplines including Digital Video, Interactive Multimedia, Photography, and Radio Production. Blending theory and practice, students have generated ideas and written scripts that have been transformed into exciting and innovative media productions, including short dramas, documentaries, 2D and 3D animations, website design, photographic portfolios and interactive media projects. There will be regular screenings and students will be available throughout the exhibition to discuss their work.


interface: a live art event
13 May, 2pm - 4pm

Livestock: Francis Fay, Lisa Freeman, Laura O'Connor, Rachel Ní Chuinn, El Putnam, Eleanor Lawler

Livestock is a live art initiative led by artists Eleanor Lawler and Francis Fay which supports Ireland’s community of live performance artists. Livestock invite you to Link; a live art event taking place during the launch of the Glitch Exhibition on May 13th. “Interface” will be a “Interface” is what happens at a live art event between the audience and the artist. The artist responds to ways of communication and the symbiotic relationship between artist and public. Artists will choose to use digital technology as a starting point for their response, leaving a trace of their work in the Gallery, this could be spiritual, physical or intellectual, transmitting ways of communication, leaving impressions and traces.

Glitch Festival | Cliona Harmony

Glitch Festival | Robin Price

Glitch Festival | David Lunney