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Café Wall Exhibition for the month of November

‘Topographies’ is a series of mixed media abstract landscapes on fabriano paper using Screenprinting, paint, drawing, and collaged Japanese Kozo paper.

These abstract landscapes are not literal imitations or observations but reconstructed 'interpretations' or responses to the experience of being in particular places. The imagery draws on methods used to chart our experience of place. Some aspects evoke aerial photographs of topographical details, land masses, and sea, while other detailscould be interpreted as ordnance survey maps and charts, seismic waves, or weather map details.

The resulting works are a composite of visual fact, feelings, and imagination. The work is place based but the place is not necessarily recognisable or real, but rather marks a chronology or a register of places I have been, experienced, and imagined in my mind, a personal archive of sorts. This work is the latest in a series of works that explores the impact of our surroundings on the way we experience our place in the world.