The Red, The Blue | Piotr Nalewajka

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Café Wall Exhibition for the month of October

The Red, The Blue. An unconventional journey through abstract photography by Piotr Nalewajka.

The presented photos, thematically heterogeneous, come from a long-term, abstract project titled 'Sovereign path of the eye', in which my attention was focused on broken wall fragments, shapes, textures, or objects that are difficult to judge what they actually are and usually no attention is paid to them.

Being amazed by the human ability to give meaning to these insignificant items, I was attempting to name the objects I came across referring either to European heritage or to the prose of everyday life. Here one can try to paraphrase the philosopher Immanuel Kant and state: visibility without concepts is blind and concepts without visibility are empty.

Piotr Nalewajka

Piotr Nalewajka was born in Poland and settled in Limerick. Nalewajka is an award-winning photographer (professional member of Visual Artists Ireland since 2019) and philosopher (Ph.D.). His photographs were exhibited in several groups and solo exhibitions in Ireland, the U.K, and Italy. More recently his three photos were selected and printed in the book 'Dante 2021: A Photographic Tribute'. His photo titled 'Vertigo' was exhibited in Palazzo Albrizzi – Capello in Venice (18.05.2022 – 02.06.2022) during Anima Mundi International Art Fair 2022, and a few other photographs were exhibited in Gallery Rossocinabro in Rome, being a part of contemporary exhibition Nuovi Mondi (15 July - 31 August 2022).