Speaking in Tongues: A Plurilingual Poetry Festival | Mother Tongues Festival


  • 3 Mar
  • 12pm - 6pm
  • Adult workshop
  • €5 on door

We are all in this together. Language is ours; a shared, creative, living heritage.

For Mother Tongues we bring together four poets who are rooted in Dublin but whose words are routed through other places. Come and be entangled in words from Rachael Hegarty, Nithy Kasa, Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan and Raven, each bringing their own heritage and life experience to us in Rua Red through lively performances of their work. We also look forward to hearing your words in all their variety and colour, whether they be from Tallaght or further afield. Our workshops will provide a welcoming space for you to discover and celebrate your creativity. Come and enjoy an afternoon of words, spoken and heard, written and read, familiar and new.