Servant & Linnane + Tsumbu & Cagney | Mother Tongues Festival

Family Events

  • 3 Mar
  • 6pm - 7:30pm
  • All Welcome
  • €12

Niwel Tsumbu with Éamonn Cagney: The World belongs to all of us.

Built on 15 years of constant collaboration, Niwel Tsumbu and Éamonn Cagney are known for their incredible musical chemistry and exciting, joyous performances. Besides their duo music, they have worked in traditional Irish, Jazz, world, contemporary, electronic, opera, soundtracks, dance and countless other musical forms.

Niwel Tsumbu and Éamonn Cagney have toured their explosive live show nationally and internationally throughout 2018. Audiences have been absolutely enthralled with their performances and music on this latest tour, and their busy concert schedule has brought them to many selected venues and festivals both nationally and internationally.

The duo has been uplifting audiences for over a decade, and they have made many recordings and videos, with continuous appearances on national and international media.


Alain Servant & John Linnane

Two smoky vocalists (French, English, Spanish) draw the audience into their bittersweet musings and cynical, lyrical idylls, where hope and despair waltz hand in hand. The duo blends influences of punk, folk and storytelling into a dreamlike atmosphere that speaks with passion and lightness of our strange journey on this earth.