Ripples by Jane Rainey | Café Wall Exhibition

Exhibition Events

  • Daily until 4 Mar
  • 9am - 6pm
  • All Welcome
  • Free

Ripples is an exhibition of paintings by fine artist Jane Rainey. Rainey paints the in-between spaces in nature and imagines what it would be like to explore them, for example, the end of a rainbow, the horizon line, or the other side of a puddle.

The paintings are a melting pot of techniques and ideas. Constructed on a series of opposites, thin glazes are contrasted with luscious thick globular paint, and abstracted marks are juxtaposed with representational images of mountains, rocks, and things beyond recognition. A gradient of paint can be read as a sky, a blob of paint, a rock, or a vortex into another world; these pictorial interventions lead to an often-fragmented reading of the work. One that encourages the viewer to look closer and question the reality of what they are viewing.