My Name Is Language | Mother Tongues Festival

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  • 3 Mar
  • 1:45pm - 2:30pm
  • All Welcome
  • Free

My Name is Language is a performative work on the topic of names: how they can be given as well as withdrawn, inflicted, collected, hidden or adapted

Can a name be translated into a different language or can it exist only in one? Why do women often lose their name in the course of their lives? What are reasons for people to reject or change their given name? Are stage names and usernames a form of branding?

Nicoline van Harskamp is an Amsterdam based artist who works with video, installation, and scripted live performance. Her projects can take several years to complete and are exhibited in various stages of the process. My Name is Language is an ongoing performative project that considers the translation and creolisation of personal names in multilingual societies. It was first developed with the Project Arts Centre in Dublin and presented at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2018.

This is a free event put advance booking is required.