Moon Woke Me Up

Family EventsWorkshop

  • 7 Nov - 10 Nov 2018
  • 12pm - <br />Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 12:40pm
  • Ages 3 - 5
  • €7 Adults & €5 Children. Limited capacity (15 children)

Moon Woke Me Up – An interactive experience using story, drama and construction play for 3 to 5 years in The Civic, Tallaght Library and Rua Red.

Inspired by a Haiku of the same title by Basho Matsuo, ‘Moon Woke Me Up’ is an interactive theatrical adventure to space.

A short table-top puppet performance imagines a host of fantastic images inspired by a bright full moon. This quickly leads to a plan to build a rocket and head for the Moon.

The children are facilitated to get in role as space explorers and help the performers build a rocket and prepare for a fantastic space adventure. Once inside their homemade rocket the children are treated to a magical shadow show of their journey into space, followed by an immersive, multi-sensory play experience in a specially created “Moonscape”. The piece is a wonderful blend of performance and interactive experiences using puppetry, drama, role play, construction play and shadow performance.

SPACED OUT: JOIN THE DOTS! WORKSHOP | RUA RED Following the show, join a visual arts workshop designed especially for 3 – 5 year olds and inspired by our galaxy and its vast constellations.

SPACE TO PLAY! INSTALLATION TALLAGHT LIBRARY Arrive early for the theatre performance and treat yourself and your child to a feast for the imagination in a specially created free-play installation inspired by themes of ‘Moon Woke Me Up’. This is a specially created, interactive, free-play space designed by Orla Kelly of Early Childhood Creativity in collaboration with Little Bigtop.

Activities include wonderful sensory planet reading rugs, fantastic moon travel peep boxes and outer space listening pods. Well worth a visit before or after the show.

Wed 7th – Fri 9th // 10:30 am (pre-schools)

Wed 7th – Fri 9th // 12pm public show
Sat 10th // 11am & 2pm

Studio Theatre Duration: 40 mins. No interva

Presented by Little Bigtop and The Civic, in association with South Dublin Libraries and Rua Red. Original concept supported by SDCC Arts Office and the Arts Council with funding support from Creative Ireland.