Milagros Workshop with Lauren Kelly

Exhibition Events

  • 23 Sep
  • 5pm - 6pm
  • Must be over 18 to participate
  • Free

This is a special, limited-booking Culture Night workshop for adults that is part of the education programme for Jesse Jones' 'The Tower' exhibition at Rua Red. The workshop will be held in Jesse Jones' studio at Rua Red and led by artist Lauren Kelly.

In celebration of the successful run of Jesse Jones' The Tower exhibition at Rua Red, adults are invited to book in for this special Culture Night workshop, in which they will learn about and make Milagros with artist Lauren Kelly.

The Spanish word “milagro” translates to “miracle” or “surprise;” in The Tower, these small objects are imbued with protective powers that stem from the process of their creation. On Culture Night, participants will work closely with Lauren, who has herself created many of the Milagros used in The Tower, learning how to make and charge these objects with protective and healing energies.

Lauren Kelly is an Irish visual artist specialising in performance, exploring ways in which people are oppressed in public and private spaces with a montage of research into body politics. Her work confronts difficult questions of authority and power.

Image: 'The Tower' by Jesse Jones, Rua Red, 2022. Photo by Ala Buisir.