Inclusion – Dissolving barriers | Mother Tongues Festival


  • 22 Jan
  • 3:30pm - 5pm
  • Adult EVent
  • €9

This art workshop will bring its participants into a fun and relaxed creative space, helping them to bring ideas to life through art. Participants will be guided step by step through the creative process, learning to access deeper layers of the self.

A place, a time, a space dedicated to all people from all cultures and backgrounds.

The workshop is open to everyone. Through the process of creation participants will see the common experiences we all share, the importance of discovering something new about others. Facilitated by Anca Danila.

Anca Danila
Anca Danila is a visual artist, art teacher and art facilitator who has experience working with culturally diverse children and adults. She teaches Art with both adults and children at MyArt School. Here, she has spent the past few years, creating a space for culturally diverse people to meet and connect to share ideas, emotions, experiences and moments through art-making. Anca has an MFA and BA in Visual Arts, from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions throughout institutions and galleries around the world.

Through her work, Anca demonstrates her interest in anthropology, contemporary sociology and psychology and explores the transitions between geographical zones and cultural identities. Her artwork displays the contemporary individual who creates different types of identities for themselves, constructed from social, cultural or familial factors and the contrast between someone’s real identity and virtual identity. This highlights that what someone lives is, in fact, a continuing renegotiated relationship between the real identity and the constructed one.

“The words are energy and create realities, it only depends on us how we used them in order to create our own reality”- Anca Danila