Ekaabo | Favour Odusola


  • 28 Jun
  • 7pm - 9pm
  • Ages 13+ years
  • €15

'Ekaabo' is a stage play about Adeoye, a king who due to envy, arrogance, and misinformation by his chiefs, faced eternal punishment from the gods.

Umakoko productions proudly present the performance EKAABO at Rua Red. The play is inspired and composed by a communal mixture of gyration, dance, and theatre. EKAABO invites the audience to experience Nigerian cultural traditions from the Yoruba tribe. EKAABO features a multi-talented cast: four performers, three musicians, and two instrumentalists.

The provoking story behind EKAABO discusses how misinterpretation and misinformation could lead to a life-damaging effect. Created, produced, and performed by the Nigerian-Irish artist Favour Odusola.

‘EKAABO is about finding your truth. This is not just a play, it is about who I am as an artist. I created the different elements of this performance, from script to soundtrack and choreography, to show my culture through my lens. EKAABO is an artistic response to my journey. This is why I make art; I want to tell you a story, I want to share an experience through my lens and invite you into my world.’ -Favour Odusola (Artist)

"EKAABO premiered at the Mother Tongues Festival in February 2022 and it was a huge success! People of all ages attended and had the most fun and energetic experience of the Festival. Every person left the room with the hype of enthusiasm. Favour Odusola and his colleagues are a force of nature." -Monther Tongues

This milestone performance is funded by the South Dublin City Council as part of the LLPS Scheme 2022.