Connections in the Making | Café Wall Exhibition

Exhibition Events

  • 1 Aug - 31 Aug 2022
  • All day
  • All Welcome

Artist Adele Walsh displays a long line of ceramic spoons created from recycled clay and glazed with oxides and ash, giving each spoon a dry and crusty texture.

"My love of nature and found wood is the primary inspiration for my work. Clay was collected from my travels, then recycled for hand building. The spoons are not functional, they are fragile and not perfect with twisted handles, the surface is glazed with oxides mixed with ash from assorted wood and nut shells giving each spoon a dry organic and crusty texture, colours inspired by the changing seasons. The spoon is a recognisable tool that we pick up daily, both for nourishment and for sharing, connecting us to the earth and to those looking for a connection and a place to feel safe from a lack of emotional nourishment." - Adele Walsh Ceramics