Conexões Saudáveis Entre Gerações | Mother Tongues Festival

Family Events

  • 3 Mar
  • 2pm - 3pm
  • Ages 18 & under and 65 & over
  • Free

This workshop is in Portuguese and English.

The main goal of Brazil Clowning project is to promote healthy connections between generations (children and the elderly), mediated by clown. Through dynamic and funny strategies brought by laughter, we strengthen bonds of affection and empathy. The practice of Yoga between the elderly and children is complementary to the approach, optimizing the potential of the two generations!

O objetivo principal do Brazil Clowning Project é promover conexões saudáveis entre gerações (crianças e idosos), mediada pelo clown. Com estratégias dinâmicas e engraçadas trazidas pelo riso, fortalecemos vínculos de afeto e empatia. A prática de Yoga entre idosos e crianças é complementar à abordagem, otimizando as potencialidades das duas gerações !