Chinese Hand Puppets Workshop | Mother Tongues Festival

Family Events

  • 2 Mar
  • 4pm - 5:45pm
  • Ages 7 - 12
  • €5

This workshops is in Mandarin Chinese and English.

Chinese hand puppets are also known as glove puppets. However, its Chinese is 布袋戲 Bùdài xì which literary means “cloth bag show”. Since its first appearance over 2,000 years ago, Chinese puppet theatre has developed into many genres: rod puppets, string puppets, glove puppets and shadow puppets. In Taiwan, puppet theatre developed to television puppet theatre. Taiwan now has a 24-hour puppet theatre channel, and the largest puppet film studio in the world can be found in southern Taiwan (East-West Center Gallery, Honolulu). These puppets are colourful, easy for children to master and is one of pupils’ favourite performing choice at Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese. The index finger is the head where the thumb would be controlling one arm, so the other three fingers act as another arm. The workshop will be showing them a few simple tricks such as walking, running, fighting, play rock, scissors & paper and act as puppets. For non-native children, they can learn a few simple sentences in groups and film themselves to create a short puppet show. The story can be creatives or scripted for the native children.

布袋戲Bùdàixì 自2000多年前布偶首次亮相以來,傳統的布袋戲已經發展出多種主流:杖頭布偶,提線布偶,手套布偶和皮影戲等。在台灣,布袋戲已發展到電視劇院的形態。台灣現在有一個24小時的布袋戲電視頻道,世界上最大的布袋戲電影製片廠也在台灣的南部(東西中心畫廊,檀香山)。 這些布袋戲偶色彩繽紛,方便孩子們掌握,也是都柏林中文學校學生們最喜歡的表演選擇之一。食指是布偶的頭,拇指控制一隻手臂,而其他三根手指作為另一隻手臂。講座將教一些布袋戲偶簡單的控制技巧,如走路,跑步,使用武器,玩剪刀石頭布等。 非中文母語的小朋友們可以分組學習一些簡單的句子並拍攝自己的布袋戲。而會中文的小朋友則可以以自創的故事或參照已編寫的腳本拍攝自己的布袋戲。