Chinese Dough Figurine Workshop | Mother Tongues Festival

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  • 23 Feb
  • 11am - 12pm
  • All Ages Welcome (under 6 parents supervision required)
  • Free Event, Booking Required

The folk art Niē miàn rén is the traditional art of creating figurines of human characters. 捏麵 Niē miàn literally means “knead flour” and 人rén is a person. The original Dough Figurine was edible as it was made of flour or glutinous rice flour with colouring. This folk art was believed to have originated from the Three Kingdoms period, Shu Han (approximately 220 to 260 AD). In ancient times, the wealthy mansion used dough food as sacrificial offerings to their ancestors. As it will be the year of the rat in 2020.

Evan Furlong, the principal of Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese will run a dough figurine workshop to make a mouse keychain for you to bring home.

捏麵人是始創於人物雕像之傳統民間藝術。最初的捏麵人是可食用的,因為它是由有色的麵粉或糯米粉而製成的。 現代版的捏麵人常是用糖泥出現在蛋糕裝飾上,也有用不同類型的粘土製成的小雕像比傳統麵團更受歡迎。 我最喜歡的材料是樹脂粘土,因為可以將揑麵造型小玩意風乾後變成塑膠玩意永久保存。 人們認為藝術本身起源於三國時期的蜀漢(大約公元220至260年)。 在遠古時代,富豪們以捏麵之食品來祭祀祖先。 2020年將是鼠年。都柏林中文學校的校長Evan Furlong將帶領小孩們一起玩捏麵人,小孩們可以製作一個可愛的老鼠鑰匙圈或吊飾帶回家。