Brick Flicks LEGO Animation Camp

Family EventsWorkshop

  • Daily until 9 Apr
  • 10am - 1pm
  • Ages 9+
  • €90 for four day camp

Your booking covers 4 morning sessions, 6th - 9th April.

What if...your favourite LEGO Minifigure came to life and saved the day?

What if they defeated a foe, sailed the high seas or flew through the sky? What if we could show you how to make that happen? Well - we can! By using the magical art of stop motion animation.

You'll work in small teams with like-minded young animators to create short films and learn some of the basic skills of stop motion or master some existing ones if you are already making your own films.

Our tutors LOVE stop motion animation and they will help you make amazing Brick Flicks that we will share on our own YouTube Channel. You can bring along your favourite mini figures but select carefully! Make sure they have what it takes to be the star in your film. As there will be a mixture of ages and collaboration is essential, we ask everybody to respect the minimum age policy so we can ensure that everybody enjoys themselves and gets the most they can from the workshop.