Breakout Symposium


  • 1 Nov
  • 10:30am - 5:30pm
  • All Welcome
  • €20

The Relevance of Street Dance in Contemporary Art Discourse.

BREAKOUT will provide an opportunity to reflect and exchange ideas around issues of professional representation and agency within the street dance community. As well as acknowledging the huge strides the community has taken over the last decade and the invaluable support of established arts organisations.

For those interested in facilitating events or establishing themselves at the intersection between street dance and contemporary arts, the symposium will also examine the experiences and strategies of those working in the field of professional dance.

The symposium will include selected performances, open dialogue in relation to issues facing the dance community and a diverse panel of artists/arts organisations who are working to highlight street dance, both in Ireland and abroad. We are particularly delighted to welcome Breakin' Convention's Artistic Director Jonzi D to our afternoon panel.

Timetable of Events

10.30am: Registration

11.00am: Discussion panel with Tony Fegan, Carla Fazio and Michael Barker-Caven.

11.30am: Karol Szarek - 'After travel and training in South America'.

12.00pm: Jasmin Saulo - Talk and performance about diversity in dance.

12.30pm: Jacek Snochovsky - Short movie 'Tao', videography and dance talk.

13.15pm: Human Collective - Intersection between circus and dance.

14.00pm: Lunch Break

15.00pm: Tobi Omoteso: Maintaining a street dance practice outside Dublin.

15.30pm: Emily Aoibheann - Fringes of Contemporary Art

16.00pm: Jonzi D - Breakin' Convention, Irish edition of Open Art Surgery

16.45pm: Coffee Break

17.00pm: Discussion panel with Cathy Coughlan, Jonzi D, Toby Omoteso and Matt Szczerek