Artist Takeover | Franko B

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  • 1 May - 9 May 2020
  • All day
  • All Welcome
  • Free

At Rua Red we believe that artists provide essential understanding of the human experience through the work they create and that the role of the artist in society is crucial in order for us to collectively better understand ourselves and the world we live in.

This more than ever seems important.

Over the next few weeks a number of artists will stage a takeover of the the Rua Red instagram account, allowing us to step inside their world and to see through their eyes over the course of 7 days during lockdown.

We start this Friday with one of our dearest friends Franko B.

Franko B is an internationally renowned artist who explores the personal, political and poetic through his work. Franko is interested in human resistance and the transcendence of suffering, he uses his body as a democratic tool to explore these issues.

From 1st - 7th May Franko B will take over the Rua Red Instagram account and give us an insight into his daily life during lockdown in London. Throughout the week Franko will also curate a series of visual interactions with a number of artists and their work.