Abridged presents 'Changeling' | Redline Festival


  • 9 Oct
  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Adult Event
  • Free

As part of Redline Festival 2019 we are delighted to invite Abridged back for another night of spoken word.

This year's central theme at Abridged Magazine is 'Changeling'. Through happenings and publications, Abridged is exploring metamorphoses, instability, the unknown, displacement, scapegoating, otherness, vulnerability, voice, and the boundaries, agency, fear and mythology of the (female) body.

This event will feature words and images from cutting edge Irish artists including Megan Doherty, Audrey Gillespie, Dawn Watson, and the Not4U Collective (Jess McKinney and Eva Griffin), among others.