Abridged 0 - 56: Alt Launch


  • 16 Mar
  • 3:30pm - 4:30pm


Abridged Magazine celebrated their 15th anniversary with a special issue of Abridged which invited poets to revisit previous poems and rewrite them, in essence an invitation to time-travel and build alternative pasts...as we often do without invitation anyway. Artist Locky Morris’ work features in this issue.

From the Alt Editorial:

Alt is more than a singular modification.

It means the infinite possibility of further modifications.

As a mechanism, Alt is chaos without commitment, hungering ecstatic after transgression whatever its form and whoever its momentary allies.

Alt is indifferent as weather, with no inherent allegiance.

Rather, Alt might be tapped from all sides, throwing about its vigour as freely as blame.

Alt is both morphing and amorphous.

Alt is the moment of lightness at the extremes of a pendulum swing, embraced by those who need chaos of weightlessness, the illusion of changed state and possibility.

Alt is uncanny: familiar and strange in one mangled parental monstrosity.

In Alternation there is a shifting back and forth, but never a precise return.

Alt is a rupture into the dry land of the settled and habitual.

Alt is the liquid undercurrent churning below the crust of our stability.

Alt is off the map, despises the map, spits at the map from its shadows.

Alt tears back into the past, deeper and deeper, ruthlessly seeking a homeland for fear.

Levithan, twisted in folds, is the other thing below the surface.

Beyond Control, it inhabits the dark waters of Alt.

“Grab [alt] and change [alt], [alt’s] yours… [Alt] say[s] [alt] will never be free free free…”