Abridged 0 - 404: Delete Launch


  • 14 Jun
  • 6pm - 8pm
  • All Welcome
  • Free

Abridged is launching its new issue, Delete, the third in its Leviathan trilogy at the Rua Red on Friday 14th June from 6pm.

4 0 4. We cannot be haunted by what was never there. Only the deleted are our ghosts. The little fingerprints, a smudge on the expanse of silence. These are our human texts, and ourselves. Deletion is the ultimate fear. We do not fear death of body, but death of memory. We want to remain. And so, our affection for remains is frenzied. We fear the moths that we are. Photographs, relics, marginalia, antiques, anonymous scraps. The I was here. Under the pressure of deletion, humanity festers in the ruins, the impossible archives, folds around them, lonely and lost with every touch. They are a reminder, not only of the tiny brevity of our heartbeat, but of the eternity of deletion, the unknown, the un-know-ed. God is in the details, but the details are squirming, their shimmering instability terrifying, confusing, overwhelming. Deletion, at least, is stable. Shut down. The white flash, the unfathomable depths, the emptiness. It leaves a hole that means everything. The monster opens its mouth.

This issue is in collaboration with the Belfast Photo Festival.

Image by Sascha Rheker.

Abridged is supported by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.