TraVision Residency

TraVision aims to create an independent Traveller-led media outlet that showcases the unique aspects of Traveller histories, culture and lived experiences.

Over his 12 month residency, Bernard Sweeney will be further developing TraVision with the support of Rua Red.

TraVision aims to:

- Express aspects of Traveller culture, philosophy, and traditions through engaging multi-media projects.
- Create a virtual media hub with a variety of content, in many formats, covering different themes, issues and topics.
- Foster a space for Travellers to be themselves in a positive productive way that embraces creativity and diversity.
- Empower Travellers to have a more confident state of mind, to take ownership of their identity, and lead the narrative when engaging with broader society.

Rua Red would like to thank Mount Street Trust for their support of this initiative.