Rachel Fallon

Rachel Fallon is a visual artist whose work deals with themes of protection and defense in domestic realms and addresses the topic of motherhood.

Her arts practice encompasses sculpture, drawing, photography, and performance, where the conflicts and ambivalences within familiar territories and fragile boundaries of power and trust that exist in familial relationships, all inform the choice of materials and technique for each work. Sculptural subversions of military mottos and associated objects poke a finger at ideals of motherhood, linking past histories and politics to the roles women play in society today.

As well as an individual practice, she is known for her collaborations with Irish and international artists and collectives; including Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, Desperate Artwives, The Feminist Parasite Institute, RAFT, and The Tellurometer Project. She is a founding member of pff Publications – a feminist zine and Outpost Studios an independent artist-led studio.

The two disparate ways of working feed into one another and are therefore equally important parts of her practice.