Ella Bertilsson

Ella Bertilsson’s practice combines elements of sculpture, video, performance and sound to construct staged installations as a form of enquiry into the human condition.

By digging into personal histories, she investigates both poignant and mundane experiences of daily life to reveal nonlinear and fragmented narratives that delve into domesticity, cultural identity and displacement. She uses audio recordings and translation from her mother tongue as a process to compose a series of broken poetic narratives that can be read through different materials. Obsolete brain-junk and mental clutter are manifested through familiar objects, personal belongings and accumulations of disused throw-away items such as lighters, bouncy eggs and Pepsi caps. Her sculptural works are like snippets of thoughts, layered in symbolism as brief messages often describing a situation or scene. There is no beginning, no middle, no end, seen all at once, these acts and gestures draw on dark humour and generate a mood of absurdity and unresolved suspense.

Ella Bertilsson (b. Umeå, Sweden) is a studio artist at Rua Red (2019-2022). She has a 1st Class Hons BA in Fine Art Print (2009) and MFA (2015) both awarded by NCAD.

Forthcoming solo exhibitions at Ballina Art Centre (2022) and The Complex (2022). Recent group exhibitions: Double Estate, Pearse Museum, OPW State Art Collection (2020-2021), Stories from Lismore and Beyond, Lismore Castle Arts (2020), MART’s Award Exhibition; Home made Home, Mart Gallery (2020) and PeripheriesOPEN, Gorey School of Art (2019). Bertilsson received South County Council's Individual Bursary Award (2020), The Arts Council’s Visual Arts Bursary Award (2020), FSAS Digital Media Bursary Award (2019) and the Peer Residency at the RHA (2018-2019).

Image: THE LAUGHING WELL, PeripheriesOPEN, Gorey School of Art, 2019.