Jennie Guy

Jennie Guy is based in Dublin, Ireland, where her practice has evolved through a combination of curatorial, artistic and research-based projects.

She has founded and directed two programmes focused on establishing new interfaces between contemporary art and sites of education. Through managing these projects (and also via her own evolving practice as an artist), she has become quite invested in a longer-term enquiry into pedagogical shifts and dilemmas.

The two projects that she has founded (directed, and curated) are Mobile Art School (2011-2014) and Art School (2014-2016). Both of these projects work by developing residency and workshop programmes bringing active contemporary artists into the school system. Working as the curator of these projects, Jennie develops strong, symbiotic relationships with the artists who she selects, as they are creating decisive interventions within school curricula.

Jennie’s background in humanities has given her a foundation in textual exploration that she has extended through a Masters in Visual Arts Practices (IADT, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin) and into the present, working as an associate researcher at the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GRADCAM) in Dublin since 2009. The main focus of the research group at GRADCAM has been to explore the history of large-scale international group exhibitions and approaching seminal theoretical texts under the umbrella term ‘the enquiry’.

In late summer 2016 Jennie launched a new project with artist Stine Marie Jacobsen, titled Artists’ Exercises - a platform for distributing fragments of artists’ educational strategies - with contributions from over fifty international artists.

'Maria McKinney - ArtSchool Residency 2016'. Part of Jennie Guy's 'It's Very New School' Exhibition at Rua Red, 2017.