Super Paua

Super Paua is an Irish artist-led collective that makes work for all ages in a variety of languages, places, and forms. Humour, social relevance, and respect define our work.

Super Paua produce three types of project:

Professional Plays that are crafted by experienced storytellers, and that aim to entertain, inspire and challenge the public.

Collaborative Classes that are run for and with communities who don’t usually go to the theatre. These projects combine the teams’ skills with the valuable knowledge of community leaders, in order to nurture growth for the individual and the group.

Targeted Artist Development that uses some of the opportunities (and cash!) that the collective have access to in supporting marginalised artists, or people looking for a route into paid theatre and art work who are from marginalised groups. Super Paua listen to what their artists want and need, and together come up with a funded plan for how they can reach their goals, and Super Paua shares responsibility for the artist’s development with them.

Super Paua wants to give you things you didn’t think you’d like, but which you find beautiful and necessary once we’ve given them to you. Super Paua want to surprise you with the wickedness of your sense of humour, the extent of your empathy, and your bravery in the face of risk – things, perhaps, that you’d forgotten about yourself. Super Paua use theatre and public art projects to tell exciting and empowering stories and to nurture human potential. Their super powers are laughter and solidarity, patience and flexibility, and the prioritisation of wellness in the midst of a world that is not well.

Super Paua are: Sian Ní Mhuirí, Mark Ball and Mitzi D'Alton