Createschool deliver Digital multimedia & music workshops focusing on collaboration, creative expression & enjoyment!

Createschool's themed workshops are designed to encourage students - young and old - to explore hidden talents and to creatively express themselves using stop motion, movie making, Lego, animation, music or podcasts. Createschool facilitate ideas generation and there is a strong emphasis and focus on collaboration and the participation of all students - and most importantly, enjoyment! No experience necessary, the workshops are designed for all ages and abilities. Createschool use mobile digital technology (smart phones, iPads etc) in all of their workshops to enable people to use the amazing abilities of technology for their creative applications rather than simply the practical capacities.

Createschool Current Programming:


Songwriting, Performance & Recording workshops.

Songschool is Createschool's longest running workshop programme, based on songwriting (words & music) and can include recording, performance or music technology elements. There is  a strong focus on collaboration, creativity, confidence building and self expression with the students. The ability to play an instrument is NOT necessary and the use of technology is often discretionary.

The workshops are Ideally suited to Transition Year, JCSP and LCA Programmes but can easily be adapted for primary and other secondary school needs. 


Stop motion animation workshops.

BrickFlicks stop motion animation workshops involve plenty of hands on learning, combined with some simple demonstrations. Students collaborate in small groups to design and create their set from paper, card and plasticine (all materials supplied), storyboard and plan their stop motion movies. They then film and produce them on iPads (also supplied). Final movies are shared on the Createschool YouTube channel for parents and teachers to view.

Movie Maker

Create your own film workshops.

In Movie Maker workshops, students collaborate to script, rehearse, shoot and edit their ideas to create a finished film. Working closely in groups with Createschool's experienced tutors, participants learn skills and techniques that they can continue to develop after the workshop in order to make films with their own mobile technology.

This is an increasingly popular option for many schools. Recent movie work Createschool have delivered includes programmes and workshops for the Irish Film Institute, Meath County Council Arts Office, Fingal Arts Office and dozens of schools and venues throughout Ireland. 

Movie Maker workshops are ideally suited for themed projects such as DEVED, Mental Health and Environmental Awareness Issues.


Podcasts are a simple and effective way of engaging young people, enabling them to share their stories, opinions and experiences. They offer an incredibly flexible format and are a suitable medium for the presentation of a project in almost any subject. 

During the workshop participants will be encouraged to work in small groups to produce their podcasts. Createschool boasts a team of experienced podcasters, who will help students to collaborate with one another to research, create, produce, edit and ultimately share their stories with peers, family and friends. Students will learn how to archive or share their work via blogs, iTunes and other suitable mediums.

Digital Animation

This workshop combines the craft of classic "hand drawn" animating with modern technology.

Participants work individually on concept art, plot structure and animating to create their very own unique short films which will then be collated and shared via Vimeo or YouTube. The workshop is primarily a practical workshop, with a brief introduction to some animation theory in order to provide background and context.

iPad Training

Createschool offers simple, practical and relevant training for teachers, students and other interested groups that can be tailored to suit all needs. 

Particularly suitable for teachers, students (senior primary and all secondary school ages) and those people interested in utilising their iPad for its creative capabilities as well as its practical functionality. Training can be subject specific, tailored for general needs based on ability (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) or centred around particular apps such as Garageband, iMovie, Keynote etc. We work with many schools, centres and Apple Solutions Experts such as Wriggle, CompuB and iConnect to develop and deliver excellent education orientated training.

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