Niamh Hannaford

YPCE Artist in Residence

Niamh Hannaford is an energetic visual artist and arts facilitator working in performance, self-portraiture painting, poetry and object making. As an artist, Niamh feels compelled to document and publish herself in order to promote self reflection. Hannaford's work is colourful, playful, interactive and accessible.

During Niamh's residency in Rua Red she will engage with children and adolescence in response to the Magdalene Series. Niamh will do this through a research project ‘Fear the Fool’, which will explore three concepts: the importance of play, the fear of being seen as foolish, and the fear of failure. The latter of which can lead to a fear of engagement, of trying new things, particularly within creative pursuits.

We are often taught that to be seen as foolish, or a failure, are inherently negative things. During her residence in Rua Red she wishes to reframe this narrative through play. Playfulness is essential for creativity and innovation.

PLAY = FUN = LEARNING. About ourselves, the world around us, and each other.

It is crucially important for children and adolescents to experience -

Collective silliness, collective fun, collective foolishness and collective creativity

Young People, Children and Education Artist in Residence - Empowering Children and Young People through Art

As part of our Learn programme at Rua Red we support, encourage and promote children and young people to engage with contemporary art from birth to early adulthood. The YPCE Artist in Residence will work with schools, family and community groups actively encouraging children and young people to engage with contemporary art and the exhibitions at Rua Red.