To book tours, workshops, and talks, or find out more please contact Lorna

Visit Rua Red’s two exhibition spaces and encourage your students to examine and form an opinion about the artworks. Explore the rest of the building including our music rooms, performance space, dance studio, and artists’ studios. Tours take approximately 40 minutes and are free and open to all ages. Class numbers are restricted to 30 students with an accompanying teacher. All tours must be booked two weeks prior to date and are subject to availability.

Workshops / Artist Talks
Workshops and artist/curator talks can be arranged for a small fee, for any schools in an array of disciplines. Enjoy a creative workshop that explores the themes behind the artworks in the gallery.

Leaving Cert Packs
The second level gallery packs guide the student around the exhibition and provide an opportunity for students to structure their own responses to the work displayed. Each pack is filled with sample questions and answers, helpful tips, and information to benefit them on the leaving certificate art exam. Leaving certificate packs can be downloaded from our website and worked on while in the gallery.

Kids & Primary School Packs
The kids & primary school packs are a fun and educational guide to the exhibitions with lots of opportunities to draw, colour, and complete quizzes. They are the perfect way to help younger children get more involved with art and develop their understanding of what ‘art’ is. These gallery packs are for ages 7 - 12 yrs and can be downloaded from our website and worked on while in the gallery.