European Connections in Digital Art (EUCIDA)

EUCIDA is a three-year project funded by Creative Europe led by Rua Red, Ireland in partnership with Lūznava Manor, Rēzeknes, Latvia and Espace Multimedia Gantner, France.

The Project aspires to work collaboratively and demonstrate innovation and high standards contributing to making the Digital Arts sector highly visible internationally whilst contributing to sustainable development and success. EUCIDA is an interactive and innovative community of Digital Artists and Cultural Workers connecting to imagine new ways of artistic mobility, to use technologies as a vector and to augment the sharing of experience, creative practice and professional opportunities transnationally both for artists and new publics in reality and virtually. 

 EUCIDA aims to make digital arts accessible to a non-arts audience, and bring a wider public debate on arts and technology by a programme of ambitious and unique experiences including parallel exhibitions in Ireland, Latvia and France, an array of general and specialised workshops for artists and the public, residency opportunities for curators and artists, mobility visits for artists across Europe and an International Digital Arts Conference in Latvia.

The platform has been designed as a hub for artists to discover opportunities in, and information about digital arts, interact with others in this field and profile themselves & their work. 

EUCIDA believes the digital arts can help us cross the national, cultural and linguistic borders that so often divide us. The project is a celebration of the difference and variety within Europe, but also of the universal languages and experiences that unite us. For this reason digital arts can speak to everyone: the Digital Arts field can move, delight, charm and provoke us all, no matter where we come from or what our language.

Image: A digital/lazer workshop takes place in Luznava Manor, Rezeknes, Latvia as part of European Connections in Digital Art.